Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have to show off his little rolls on his legs! I love it!

-one cute baby
-a black sheet
-big open window (mine was a sliding glass door)
-ladder, bar stool, or in my case a high chair. (Don't worry it's solid wood. I didn't fall.)
-an editing program to blackout the wrinkles in your sheet.


Shel said...

I like your new *tip* sections :) Cool idea! Finn is so stinking cute. So, for my black and white stuff for the longest time I used a totally rad action which I liked for most things, but it didn't work for everything so I always had to add several extra steps to be happy with it. Then I found a Nichole V action that keeps all the steps open for adjustments, it's the essential black and white action with exposure adjustments which I love because I always would "overexpose" my black and whites anyways. So, that's the long version of a yes, I am using an action :) How's everything going for you guys?

Krystal said...

Love it! :) :) :)